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Infokiosk Player

Brand: Infokiosk
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Software PLAYER displays content on an LCD screen.

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*Digital product, download only

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Product detailed description

Infokiosk Player has been developed to dislplay graphical content on an LCD screen. Infokiosk Player software needs to be installed and activated on every Media Player.

We offer three timed licenses 1, 3 and 5 year long licences. A license can only be used to activate one Media Player at a time, it cannot be re-used while another Media Player is activated with the same license. Any computer with Windows 10 or 11 operating system can be used as a Media Player. (Linux Media Player is supplied only as a SET with software PLAYER). Software PLAYER is fully compatible with CREATOR. It displays content of all widgets, without needing any additional setup.


* Infokiosk Player may also work with different system configurations, however, with insufficient hardware, certain operations such as video compression, playback of more than 1 video or PDF document may be significantly slower.

*Digital product, download only