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Buying guide

In order to display content in an impressive way to your clients, you will need the following


For ideal and smooth playback of your content, you need to choose the right combination of our products. 


1. To create content, you need a Windows PC (hardware requirements are listed on the Creator product page) with the Infokiosk Creator software installed. With Infokiosk Creator, it's really easy to create graphical content that displays on an informational screen . It includes multiple widgets and system tools for project creation, playback schedule, and the resulting export of the project for the media player.

In order to export the final project, Creator must be activated with a purchased license. One Creator license can only be used on one computer, if you want to use Creator on multiple computers, you must purchase a license for each computer. But one license is enough to create and distribute content to all your media players from one computer. 



2. In order to play the content on your screen, you will need the Infokiosk Player software. It must be installed on the media player and activated with a purchased timed license (1 year, 3 years, 5 years). A computer with Windows 10 operating system can be used as a media player. If you do not have a suitable computer to be used as a  media player, you can also purchase one from our e-shop. Each timed license can only be used on one media player at a time, if you use multiple media players, you will need to purchase the Infokiosk Player license for each media player.




3. To display your content impressively, you will need an Informational Monitor (or Infokiosk). Choose the appropriate type according to the type of graphical content and the environment in which the monitor will be located.

If you will be creating Interactive (touch) content, for example for an information centre, school, museum... you need a touchscreen monitor

If you will be creating Non-interactive content (only playing content "in the loop"), for example in a restaurant, shopping mall, cafe... you need a non-touch monitor

If you will be creating Non-Interactive content (just playing content "in a loop"), in a storefront, you need a Non-Touch Monitor for the storefront that has a high luminance so that the image is clearly visible even in strong, direct sunlight. As long as there is no strong sunlight at the installation site, you can also use a Non-Touch Monitor.


If you didn't find what you were looking for, feel free to contact us.